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Fodder beet could be popular choice this spring
Fodder beet could offer livestock farmers a cost-effective energy source this year – but growing it will require careful management following an especially wet winter. “Fodder beet is a crop that requires investment and attention to detail,” says Ryhs Owen, of agronomy specialists ProCam. “However, done right, it can... Read more
Management tips for sugar beet following wet spring
Sugar beet growers should target a yield of at least 80t/ha to ensure the crop pulls its weight during the 2024/25 season, say experts. Prospects for sugar beet this season and recommendations for herbicide programmes were discussed by agronomists and other arable advisors during a webinar hosted by crop... Read more
Tributes to sugar beet expert Simon Bowen
Industry leaders and growers have paid tribute to sugar beet expert Simon Bowen, who died unexpectedly last month. Mr Bowen, 62, was head of knowledge exchange at the British Beet Research Organisation. He passed away following a suspected heart attack while walking his dog on 10 March. In a... Read more
Sugar beet growers face high-pressure virus year
Sugar beet growers face another high-pressure year for virus yellows with aphids flying into new crops as they emerge. Aphids will be flying two to three weeks earlier in England compared to the historical average, according to the Rothamsted Insect Survey aphid forecast for 2024, which was issued on... Read more
High yielding soft wheat signals landmark change
Growers and agronomists should find it easier to decide on which winter wheat to grow following a cleaner, fresher look for the latest Recommended List. With a much-improved layout, the list sees 10 wheat varieties removed and just five new varieties recommended for the 2024-25 season. Recommendations include Bamford... Read more
How satellite imagery could revolutionise pea harvest
Satellite imagery is helping scientists develop a new method to help growers predict vining pea yields. The PeaSat project involves ADAS researchers and pea grower cooperative HMC Peas to improve yield forecast accuracy – and better coordinate harvest efficiency while reducing crop losses. Remote sensing specialists at ADAS believe... Read more
More growers choose sunflowers this spring
United Oilseeds has launched the first buying pool for UK sunflower seeds – worth £350-450/tonne for a crop that yields about 1-2t/ha. The crop can be drilled from about 10 April onwards depending on frost and wet conditions but a consistent soil temperature of 7°C is the main driver... Read more
Variable nitrogen could prove its worth this spring
Variable-rate nitrogen applications could be a valuable tool for managing uneven growth of winter cereals and oilseeds this spring. Some crops sown before the weather broke last October established well and show good potential. But others have struggled where seedbeds were compromised or land suffered prolonged waterlogging or flooding.... Read more
KWS prepares to launch its first hybrid barley in UK
Plant breeder KWS is to launch its first ever hybrid barley into the UK market later this year – with a strong pipeline of varieties behind it. The company said the move underlined its commitment to the sector in the coming years. Although a newcomer to hybridisation in barley,... Read more
How companion crops reduce pest damage in oilseed rape
Companion crops in direct drilled oilseed rape could help reduce damage by cabbage stem flea beetle, say scientists. Results from a Rothamsted Research study suggest relatively simple changes in crop management could help control a ubiquitous pest which has seen many farmers abandoning oilseed rape altogether. Field trials, conducted... Read more