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5 options when choosing spring barley
Wet autumn weather means more growers are likely to include spring barley in their cropping plans this season. A good range of varieties means there are lots to choose from – offering attractive yields, lower growing costs than those typically associated with winter-sown crops, and premium potential where malting... Read more
Miscanthus offers profitable crop for flood-prone land
Farmers looking for a profitable crop on flood-prone soils could do worse than considering miscanthus, say researchers. The energy crop thrives where other crops would be unprofitable or high risk – and it stabilises soil too, suggests a study undertaken by the Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Sciences... Read more
Expert advice for testing and treating home-saved seed
Growers are being urged to check farm-saved spring barley seed for diseases such as loose smut and seed-borne net blotch. With winter cereal drilling only around 70-75% complete before autumn storms put a stop to further drilling for many growers across the UK, a larger-than-expected spring crop is now... Read more
Granular nutrition offer growers multiple benefits
Switching fertiliser types to ensure soil micronutrient requirements are met this spring could offer growers multiple benefits, say suppliers. Maximising inputs is understandably a high priority for growers. But prescription nutrition – optimising productivity by ensuring fertiliser usage is as efficient as possible – has become increasingly important. “Making... Read more
Protected urea fertiliser is ‘game-changer’ for farmers
More fertiliser manufacturers are launching urea products to meet forthcoming restrictions on  ammonia emissions. The so-called Option 4 rules mean growers spreading urea fertilisers beyond 1 April 2024 must apply products coated with urease inhibitors to reduce ammonia emissions. Developed by BASF, new product Starbur has a patented coating... Read more
Unpredictable weather changes emphasis for maize this spring
Drilling maize by soil temperature rather than calendar date is increasingly important in light of increasingly variable weather conditions during spring. With potential yield loss from uneven emergence as high as 40% and poor seedbed conditions at drilling being a further challenge, growers need to take extra care with... Read more
Barley growers to reduce emissions
Malting barley growers are being encouraged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions – helping to future-proof their businesses and lower their environmental impact. It follows a collaboration between Simpsons Malt and BASF. The companies are working with grower groups this winter and spring to record how they can reduce... Read more
Entries open for Soil Farmer of the Year
The annual competition to find the UK’s Soil Farmer of the Year is open for entries. Run by the Farm Carbon Toolkit and Innovation for Agriculture, the accolade champions farmers who lead the way in improving soil health and increasing the resilience of their farm business. The competition has... Read more
Why oats are increasingly popular spring option
  More farmers are expected to grow spring oats as they seek to loosen up rotations and limit the build-up of disease. Oats for human consumption will continue to be grown predominantly in Scotland, say seed breeders. But growers much further south are realising the potential of the crop... Read more
New varieties deliver bigger crop yields

Fewer but better options for growers

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