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Hedge wars

Hedge wars

Opinion 14/09/2023

When it comes to cutting down hedges, it’s one rule for farmers and another for everyone else, says Clodhopper. Read more
Short-term leys can mask longer term grass issues
Challenging conditions in recent years have seen an increase in sales of rapidly growing one-year leys as a quick fix to boost forage stocks – but these could mask deeper grassland problems. Read more
How to manage higher grassweed burden
Grassweeds are again a big talking point for arable growers – with some fields under significant pressure before autumn drilling. Read more
Electric mower is ‘ultimate robot’ for grassy slopes
An innovative all-electric remote-control slope mower has been launched by McConnel. Read more
Opportunity to fix nitrogen when establishing crops
Preparation for drilling wheat and barley crops this autumn could include decisions about nitrogen efficiency – not just crop emergence and establishment. Read more
Effective control needed to suppress burgeoning slug population
With soil moisture levels high this summer, growers must use good quality slug pellets applied accurately to control burgeoning slug populations. Read more
Water companies start taking cover crop benefits seriously
A growing number of water companies are paying farmers to protect river catchments from run-off and nutrient leaching by planting cover crops. Read more
How to nurture soil health and recovery in grassland
With rising demand to boost productivity while maintaining grassland health, Midland Farmer discovers some top tips to restore and improve soils from Timac Agro UK technical manager David Newton. Read more
Tillage Live announces return of popular Knowledge Trail
Organisers of this month’s Tillage Live event say their Knowledge Trail will return to the show on Thursday, 14 September at Atherstone, Warwickshire. Read more
Wet summer sees increase in potato blight outbreaks
Late blight outbreaks are springing up in potato crops after the wet weather continued into August following a dismal July. Read more