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Combine harvester fire risk as temperatures soar

Heatwave conditions could spell financial ruin for farmers without insurance against fire risk, says Rupert Wailes-Fairbairn.

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Good riddance to the  basic payment scheme

Getting rid of annual support payments will mean lower land rents, says Clodhopper

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Food strategy serves up little for farmers

It’s hard to know where to begin when commenting on the government’s long-awaited but half-baked National Food Strategy for England.

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Farm rents must fall as basic payment is phased out

The farmland market must take into account declining basic payments, says Clodhopper

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We must ALL learn to live with volatility
We live in uncertain times. Dangerously uncertain, in fact, especially when it comes to farming, food prices, and financial inflation. Experts say we could be looking at a 14.5 million tonne UK wheat harvest this year. Better than last year but still not reaching its full potential. And very... Read more
Better returns needed to combat ag-inflation
Farm input costs are rising much faster than food prices – piling pressure on farm incomes, according to the latest ag-inflation figures. Published by the AF Group, which measures input costs across nine different categories, the ag-inflation figures show that input costs have risen by almost 24% in the... Read more
Runaway farm costs are nightmare stuff
Few people will have seen prices rise as rapidly as they have in recent months – and that goes for farm inputs as well as farm outputs. Input and output values have reached dizzying heights. A year ago, few people would have forecast that wheat prices would hit £300/t. ... Read more
Clear view needed on farmyard manure

This month promises to be an especially busy time for farming. Fieldwork ramps up as more land becomes fit to travel after winter – and we are due a particularly important government announcement.

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It all comes down to money

The latest opinion piece from editor, Johann Tasker.

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Challenging year – but best will still do well

A trio of challenges greets farmers at the start of 2022 – making the beginning of this year one of the most uncertain in recent times.

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