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Machinery specialists Pottinger have launched a new range of trailed tedders.

Machinery specialists Pottinger have launched a new range of trailed tedders.

The HiT HT is available in working widths of 8.60m to 17.00m. Power requirement is said to be low with no load exerted on the tractor hitch thanks to the trailed design.

With a small rotor diameter of 1.42 metres and six curved tine arms, they are suitable for all forage types 

The rotor chassis guides the tines, while the rotor is supported by the main frame. This means the inner rotors do not have to bear any additional weight during operation.

Weight is distributed evenly over all rotor wheels and working height is consistent across the entire working width. Because the rotors run at the correct distance to the ground, the sward is protected and the forage remains clean.

Height adjustment

An easily accessible hand crank provides quick, central height adjustment. Height can also be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat as an option. A clearly visible scale shows the set working height, aiding operator convenience.

On models with hydraulic rotor height adjustment, an electric pre-select system is now standard. This aids folding into the transport position, height adjustment and fenceline tedding. A single double-acting spool valve operates the machine.

For fenceline tedding, two rotors on the outer right-hand side can be folded backwards hydraulically at an angle of 15 degrees. The two diagonal rotors distribute the forage over the mown area without forming a swath. 

A strip is left free next to neighbouring fields. The high output tedders have special lifting technology. A single-acting spool valve moves the rotors by motion link into the horizontal position and then raises them.