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Claas is extending its combine harvester product range below the Trion and Lexion series with two new five-walker machines. Claas completes combine family with new Evion

• High-quality proven reliability

• Tried and tested technology

• Aimed at smaller arable units

Claas is extending its combine harvester product range below the Trion and Lexion series with two new five-walker machines.

Equipped with modern Cummins six-cylinder engines and the Cemis 700 control concept, the Evion Classic is aimed at family farms and contractors operating across smaller field sizes.

The arrival of the Evion completes the restructuring of the entire Claas combine harvester range which began with the new Lexion in 2019. These three five-walker combine harvesters round out the lower end of the range below the Trion.

“The Evion is a very important product for Claas”, explains Claas chief executive Jan-Hendrik Mohr, who is responsible for the Grain Business Unit.

Affordable machine

“We are able to offer modern, yet affordable machines for smaller-scale farms which want their own grain harvesting equipment. We’re a family business and we want to continue to offer the right machines for smaller farms across all segments.”

Evion technology is based on the same modular system which is used to build almost 40 versions of the Lexion and Trion. “For the Evion, we are drawing on tried and trusted technology which has proven itself in thousands of machines,” says Mr Mohr.

Straightforward threshing with a large drum and maximum operating reliability

As well as focusing on using high-quality, proven components, delivering uncompromising threshing quality and ensuring operating reliability, even under difficult harvesting conditions, the development team have ensured that the Evion is easy to use.

It is therefore equipped with a single-drum tangential threshing unit with a large, 600 mm threshing drum and a synchronised impeller combined with five 4.40-metre-long straw walkers and a feeder housing width of 1,420mm.

Threshing concave

This results in an impressive threshing concave area of 0.95m2 and a separation area of 6.25m2 provided by the straw walkers. Standard preconcave flaps under the threshing drum enable high throughput while also delivering excellent grain quality.

The threshing drum speed in the Evion Classic is infinitely adjustable over a range of 480 to 1,150 rpm using the Cemis 700 terminal. Concave adjustment is performed hydraulically from the cab and features integrated overload protection to prevent blockages..

Stone trap

Threshing concave is a Multicrop unit, so conversion measures are only needed rarely, if ever, when switching between common threshing crops. When conversion is required, the concave segments can be swapped out through the stone trap.

To provide more effective secondary separation and greater throughput, the centre risers of the straw walkers have been redesigned to loosen the crop mat even more effectively and to enable a faster transfer to the next straw walker racks.

Another important factor – in addition to the threshing concave overload protection – in ensuring operating reliability is the sensor-based monitoring of the crop flow on the straw walkers.

Early warning

As soon as any blockages begin to develop there as a result of difficult harvesting conditions, the operator receives early warning both in the form of an audible alarm and as a visual alert on the terminal display.

In addition, the optional Cemis AutoCropFlow automatically deactivates the front attachment and the feeder unit in the event of any imminent risk of blockages on the threshing drum or serious belt slippage so no more crop is fed in.

The sieve pan works with the upper and lower sieves moving in opposite directions and has a total sieve area of 4.80m2. The sieve design features frogmouth openings with optimised flow characteristics.