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The global shortage of vegetable oils is likely to see a big increase in oilseed rape

Oilseed rape varieties DSV Duke, Dart and Duplo look like being a popular trio among  growers looking to increase their cropping this autumn.

A big increase in oilseed rape area is forecast this coming season – a situation buoyed by high prices and a shortage of high quality vegetable oils, as well as growers learning to live with cabbage stem flea beetle.

“With the high prices for inputs currently, particularly nitrogen, we believe strongly that establishing varieties with high nitrogen use efficiency and robust disease resistance will be in huge demand,” says Sarah Hawthorne of DSV.

DSV Duke is a triple layered variety featuring protection against turnip yellows virus, pod-shatter resistance and the RLM7 gene for stem canker resistance with autumn vigour – making it an in ideal risk-management variety.

“It’s an exceptionally high yielding variety with excellent oil content of 45.6% plus it’s got high nitrogen-efficiency supported by an extensive rooting system.”

Consistent performer

DSV Dart is a high yielding variety that has performed consistently well in UK trials. It is a reliable, simple to grow, high output oilseed rape varieties especially developed for the current economic and environmental climate, says Ms Hawthorne.

Again, the variety has protection from turnip yellows virus, now endemic across the UK, where it has the potential to reduce yields by up to 20%. It also features RLM7+ multi-gene resistance to stem canker with high resistance to light leaf spot.

“In addition to stand-out disease resistance characteristics, DSV Dart has excellent gross output, achieving 106% of controls in the east-west region and an oil content of 45.5%.

“Furthermore, DSV Dart’s considerable vigour means it can safely be later drilled if weather conditions dictate.”

DSV Duplo is another of the company’s flagship triple layer varieties. It combines high yields, excellent all-round disease resistance and outstanding autumn vigour.

DSV Duplo was initially fast-tracked into the UK market because of its exceptionally strong establishment. But it has proven to be a strong and resilient variety throughout the growing season.

“As well as turnip yellows virus  and pod shatter resistance, the valiety also has RLM7+ multigene resistance to phoma stem canker and the DSV nitrogen-efficiency trait allied to a deep rooting system to help ensure robust growth in virtually all conditions – including droughts.”

Clearfield choices

D$V has powerful options for growers looking at Clearfield technology, says Ms Hawthorne.

DSV Matrix CL is the highest yielding Clearfield variety on the Recommended List. It is D$V’s first quad-layered variety to join the recommended list – combining Clearfield technology with turnip yellow virus, RM7+ phoma stem canker and pod shatter resistances.

“Recommended for the whole of the UK, the variety achieves 99% of control yield. It has a treated gross output of just over 5t/ha which is exceptional for a Clearfield variety, especially as it also delivers an oil content of 45.8%.

“It gets an 8 for phoma stem canker resistance, a 6 for light leaf spot and 8s for resistance to lodging and stem stiffness, so it’s a good all-round reliable performer.”

DSV Matrix takes Clearfield performance within touching distance of the highest yielders on the new recommended list while offering the benefits of better weed control and cleaner crops, says Ms Hawthorne.

“It represents a huge step forward in breeding innovation being the first variety to stack four complex traits together without compromising yield.”

Next stage

The company’s latest Clearfield variety is DSV Beatrix CL. It takes the concept of quad-layered varieties to the next level, says Ms Hawthorne.

It has the same complementary package of traits as Matrix CL – namely RLM7+ stem canker resistance, turnip yellows virus protection, pod shatter resistance and Clearfield technology. “It has really strong production performance too.”

On the candidate list, DSV Beatrix CL has high yields with a good oil content at 45.2%. It has a height of 132cm coupled to robust restance to lodging at 9 and a stem stiffness score of 8 – plus it is relatively early to mature.

“DSV Beatrix CL has good winter hardiness combined with strong early and spring vigour making it a variety that establishes well and picks up quickly in the spring to build high yields and high quality.”