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The latest mobile optical grading machine from vegetable handling equipment manufacturer Haith will be showcased at this month’s Potato Europe event.

• Event takes place near Hanover

• Optical potato grading machine 

• Works in the field and on the farm

The latest mobile optical grading machine from vegetable handling equipment manufacturer Haith will be showcased at this month’s Potato Europe event. 

As well as exhibiting the ProSort grader, Haith will also be talking about the its latest developments in modular washing lines – the ProLine – and its award-winning RotaTip box tippler.

The Potato Europe 2022 exhibition takes place on 7-8 September at Rittergut Bockerode near Hanover, Germany  in Germany. Thousands of farmers from across Europe are expected to attend the two-day event.

Developed by Haith Group and Grimme UK, the ProSort automates the removal of stone, clod and foreign debris from potatoes, Featuring a Tomra 3A optical sorter, it can handle up to 100 tonnes of crop per hour with high levels of accuracy.

The machine employs near infra-red multi-spectral sensors for an unobstructed assessment of each object going through the sorter – identifying and then sorting potatoes from any foreign material.

Crop quality

As well as debris, the sensors also detect green potatoes. Like the debris, including stones and clods of soil, rejected potatoes are removed at the end of the conveyor belt by finger ejectors.

The Prosort can be used in the field or in a farm building. It can be integrated into a new or existing grading line. Haith sales manager Rob Highfield says he expects strong interest at the Potato Europe event.

“Haith and Grimme’s innovative combined approach has solved two common problems facing growers today – the need to sort in the field or the farm accurately and quickly and with fewer people.”

For potato packers and processors looking for a complete turnkey solution, Haith’s ProLine wash line platform features its RotaTip box tippler, waste separation and numerous other features for customers wanting to introduce a new line.

Queen’s award

Mr Highfield says: By working with some of the biggest food producers and packers in the UK and overseas as well as smaller businesses, we have had the opportunity to refine how our individual machines work together.

First manufactured in 2011, the Rota-Tip Up-Eject is trusted by most of the UK’s potato packers to transfer produce onto washing, sizing and packing lines. It has received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Haith innovated the design by replacing hydraulic motors with all-electric drives, which use less power and prevent oil leaks. The company also developed a safer and more effective rotating system that can handle larger box volumes than older designs.

More than 180 machines have been sold – including to customers in Japan, Israel, Canada and the USA. In the UK, Haith estimates that 95% of the UK’s supermarket potato suppliers use the Rota-tip – handling most potatoes sold in Britain.