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A tyre monitoring system to help prevent downtime at harvest can now be specified on Continental tyres. Monitoring system saves downtime at harvest

tyre monitoring system to help prevent downtime at harvest can now be specified on Continental tyres.

ContiPressureCheck monitors the pressure and temperature of CombineMaster and CombineMaster VF tyres. Sensors in the tyre communicate the pressure and the heat build-up to help the operator decide on the optimum operating pressure.

Two warning levels are offered by the sensor. The first suggests that a fault has occurred, but the machine can continue to work. The second calls for an immediate stop due to a more severe tyre problem.

“This is a good way to improve the life of combine tyres and reduce unnecessary downtime,” explains Continental agricultural tyre specialist Rebecca Shedden.

“Operators can choose to have a handheld device, or a terminal mounted in the cab. Both will feed back information on the tyre and help the operator to make adjustments that will reduce the likelihood of tyre failure.”

Tyre data

The most sensitive part of a tyre is the valve. ContiPressureCheck provides tyre data without the need to touch the valve. It therefore offers a safer and more secure way to monitor tyres and reduces the likelihood of dirt affecting the valve.

Ms Shedden says many tyres are replaced before the tread has worn fully. This is due largely to unknown tyre damage which leads to failure during use. The monitors can be retrofitted or purchased with the new generation of Continental agricultural tyres.

ContiPressureCheck constantly monitors tyre performance. “This helps to prevent downtime because the tyre will not be under undue stress and any fault in the tyre will be reported in time for the operator to make repairs or adjustments,” says Ms Shedden.

Tyres designed to work with ContiPressureCheck are covered by a 10-year warranty. The system can be specified when purchasing tyres or added retrospectively to extend tyre life and improve operational efficiency.”