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Restrain Ethylene have filmed a variety of videos showing the successes of long-term potato storage at different farms. Restrain Ethylene film shows success of long-term potato storage

Restrain Ethylene have released two videos with partnering farmers who use their systems as a demonstration of their benefits to long-term potato storage.

Sam Tugwell, Assistant Farm Manager of RJ & AE Godfrey Dawesmere Farms, Holbeach, has said using Restrain Ethylene “is a simple and cost-effective method of sprout suppression.”

Restrain Ethylene use an anti-sprouting system based on ethylene gas, which is distributed evenly and continuously throughout your potato store, and adjusts to the CO2 levels. No store modifications are required, and Restrain is user-friendly and trialed according to optimised protocol to maintain the sugar level and fry colour of the potato.

With one generator, you can keep up to 6,000 tons of potatoes dormant. Ethylene gas is 4 to 6 times cheaper than any sprout inhibitor.

Oliver Bright houses a 2.5 thousand ton Maris Piper potato store at JR, EM & AR Bright Montford Farm Shrewbury. “The benefits of using Restrain,” he is quoted, “are the effectiveness of the product, the ease of use, and the costs are relatively low.”

To revolutionise your potato storage and calculate your costs in 30 seconds, visit Restrain Ethylene on their website.