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A special monitoring system is helping farmers and grain store operators automatically check the moisture content of wet grain as it enters storage. Special monitoring system checks grain moisture

A special monitoring system is helping farmers and grain store operators automatically check the moisture content of wet grain as it enters storage.

The Moisture Monitoring System is capable of emailing moisture content details to any mobile device – as well as sending text alerts if pre-defined limits are reached, says Andrew Head, managing director of manufacturer BDC Systems.

“Since our MMS became commercially available in 2019 it has been extremely well received. These latest developments meet the increasing demand for real-time information to be remotely delivered to farmers and grain store operators.”

Pre-configured timings for delivering screen shots from the control panel to any mobile device, mean no-one needs to be on hand at the grain plant to manually check levels and make any necessary adjustments.

Time and money

This saves time as well as money – and means labour can be reassigned to other tasks which generate revenue, says Mr Head. The system will be showcased at this year’s Cereals event in Lincolnshire.

“The ability to remotely adjust grain dryer settings enables farmers/grain store operators to be confident that the dryer is optimised to ensure that grain enters storage at the right mc which ultimately leads to a significant decrease in energy costs.”

The system can be pre-configured to automatically send text alerts should moisture content fall below pre-defined maximum and minimum levels. Any necessary adjustments can be made remotely to restore moisture to required levels.

After spending several years researching and developing the Moisture Monitoring System, it is now operational on seven arable farms – with a further three systems in the process of being installed for harvest 2021

Using bespoke sampling units designed and developed by BDC, the system takes grain from incoming (wet) and outgoing (dry) elevators. These samples are then processed through a multi-chamber duct incorporating a moisture probe.

Live readings showing the moisture percentage of both samples are displayed on the control panel’s screen together with a graph showing the moisture trend. Historical data is stored in the control panel’s memory for future reference.

The system can be monitored directly from the control panels of all new BDC’s grain dryers. But anyone wanting to deploy the system with an existing drying system will require a stand-alone control panel.

“BDC is continuing to develop the system’s features and functionality to make sure that it delivers exactly what our customers need,” says Mr Head.

“We will be showcasing the system on stand 921 at Cereals 2021 at the end of June – and look forward to demonstrating to visitors how it can help make harvests now, and in the future, as productive and efficient as possible.”