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Major tyre manufacturers are launching new offers to farmers to secure a wider share of the lucrative agricultural market. Tyre makers ramp up offers to woo farmers

Major tyre manufacturers are launching new offers to farmers to secure a wider share of the lucrative agricultural market.

Bridgestone has doubled the warranty length of its range of AG radial drive products to 10 years. It means products such as the VX-Tractor and the VT-Tractor will be accompanied by the extended cover.

Previously, it was from the date of manufacture and for five years, but this has been changed to start from the date the farmer purchases the tyre, meaning farmers will benefit for the full 10 years of ownership.

Bridgestone technical manager Gary Powell said the move was made possible by advances in production technology and new design features – which showed the manufacturer’s confidence in its tyre reliability.

“All this is at no extra cost to the farmer,” he said.

Better productivity

Competitor Kleber has launched a new generation of its Topker agricultural tyre range – with improved flexion technology. It says the Kleber Topker IF has better grip, comfort and productivity for 200hp+ tractors.

The new range – comprising five front sizes and six rear sizes – provides farmers and agricultural contractors with a high-quality IF tyre at a great value-for-money price, says Kleber’s customer support manager Gordon Brookes.

Tyres with an IF rating benefit from a sidewall structure which is more flexible – allowing operators to carry more load at the same pressure, or to run the same load at a lower pressure when compared to standard tyres of the same size.

Meanwhile, all new Fendt 200 and 300 series tractors are now available with Continental TractorMaster tyres. The tyres feature N.Flex Technology – a heat-treated nylon that helps the rubber return to its original shape after impact and heavy use.

Better productivity

Continental agricultural tyre specialist Richard Hutchins says the partnership between the two German manufacturers is another boost to the investment in new technology at the company’s production facility in Lousado, Portugal.

“The bead is as important as the rubber and nylon in a tyre. Our research showed that tyres with a single wire bead can operate at up to 3psi lower. In field operations this increases the footprint area which reduces soil compaction.”

A further technological development is in the wire, or ‘bead’, that helps the tyre hold the rim of the wheel. Some agricultural tyres use as many as ten individual wires to create one bead which can cause weaknesses at the joins.

The Continental bead is made of a single wire construction wrapped around the circumference of the tyre up to one hundred times creating an agricultural tyre that holds the rim, even at very low pressure.

Fendt UK marketing manager Charlotte Ellis said: “Tyres are an extremely important part of any tractor and the new technology in Continental’s TractorMaster tyres shows how research and development is helping to drive agricultural efficiencies.”