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A six-week campaign to encourage shoppers to buy British lamb has generated an extra £2.45m in sales. Campaign sees £2.5m boost in lamb sales

A six-week campaign to encourage shoppers to buy British lamb has generated an extra £2.45m in sales.

The ‘Make it Lamb’ campaign launched just as new season lamb came onto the market. It focused on promoting lamb’s versatility and ease of cooking – particularly around barbecue season.

The £440k campaign – which ran in July and August – included radio sponsorship, print and digital advertising. It generated a return of £5.59 for every £1 spent on the activity and sales of an additional 261t of fresh lamb.

An extra 272,000 shoppers purchased fresh lamb after seeing the campaign. It used money from a £3.5m fund of money from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, Hybu cig Cymru and Quality Meat Scotland.

A joint statement from the three levy boards said: “We’re confident that the positive results leaving lamb top of mind for dinner inspiration will have carried over into the early Autumn as we moved into Septembers Love Lamb Week.

“Supporting the UK’s sheep sector is now more important than ever and we will continue to do all we can to stimulate demand for lamb cuts, given the uncertainty around trade deals and with Brexit on the horizon.”

The cross-channel mix of promotions reached 74% of British households. A partnership with celebrity chef John Torode reached his 165,000 followers, sharing the message that when cooking with lamb, make it high quality from trusted British farms.

‘Make it Lamb’ built on the success of its predecessor ‘Make it Steak’, which saw a beef revenue growth of almost £10million across Britain. The campaign creative focused on the promotion of fresh, local lamb cuts to stimulate demand when cooking at home.

Other media highlights included two Mail Online homepage promotions which generated 115m impressions. Video on Demand across ITV Hub, All 4 and Sky on Demand and a social media push gained 27m impressions across Facebook and Instagram.